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Important Information Re: Coronavirus / COVID-19

Whether or not you have cold or flu-like symptoms or believe you are at risk, please call the practice on 9874 3452 before attending. We will work out the best way to support you and your animals.

Puppy Preschool

A three week class designed to help your puppy develop into a happy, well-behaved dog.

Vet Services / Puppy Preschool

Puppy Pre-school is currently unavailable due to COVID. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Why bring your dog to Puppy Preschool?

Our experienced veterinarian, Dr Linda Gregory, runs our puppy preschool classes, which are a great step to ensuring your puppy grows into a happy, well-behaved dog. The most important aspect of puppy preschool is socialisation during the critical 3-16 week age period. This is a formative period, during which puppies develop behaviours which can last a lifetime.

You will ordinarily receive a puppy at around 8 weeks of age. This is the ideal time to begin training your dog to develop into a well-mannered member of the family. Puppy preschool provides a great start to your relationship and teaches you how to provide structure and leadership, and instil a sense of confidence in your puppy which allows it to interact peacefully and happily with other dogs.

Our classes use only positive reinforcement in a safe environment, designed to foster desired behaviours.

What will my puppy and I learn?

Foremost, your puppy will learn to socialise peacefully with other dogs and people, and minimise unwanted behaviour such as biting, chewing, jumping up, leash pulling, mounting, food and toy aggression, and barking. Your puppy will also learn commands such as “sit” , “stay”, “heel” and “drop”.

You will learn how to toilet train your puppy, and receive advice on diet, grooming, bathing, health care and responsible pet ownership.

Attendance Requirements

  • Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks old.
  • Puppies must have had their first vaccination and be up to date with worming.
  • Please bring a lead and collar or harness, vaccination certificate, and some treats for training.
  • Don’t feed your puppy immediately before class.
  • It is preferable to take your puppy for a walk to relieve him or herself before coming in.

When is Puppy Preschool held?

The puppy preschool course consist of three one-hour classes, which are held at our clinic at 5pm on Saturdays.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $90 for the 3 week course.

For bookings, please contact us at (02) 9874 3452 or at westrydevet@gmail.com.