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Diagnostic Imaging & Pathology

Digital radiology, ultrasound, and pathology equipment to diagnose your pet.

Vet Services / Diagnostic Imaging & Pathology


We have a full suite of radiology equipment with efficient digital processing. All x-rays are kept on file for future reference, and can be emailed to you for your own records or for referral to a specialist. Please note that some animals require sedation or anaesthesia to take x-rays safely.


We use diagnostic ultrasound to assist in diagnosing problems with your pet’s internal organs. We can also arrange a specialist radiologist to examine your pet in our surgery if needed.


We have our own laboratory with instruments for biochemistry, hematology, cytology, and urinalysis. Blood samples are taken and tested to determine infection, liver conditions, diabetes, pancreatitis, renal disease and anaemia. Such testing can often reveal conditions such as renal disease before external symptoms arise. We also routinely screen blood prior to administering anesthesia, and for pets taking certain medications (e.g. long-term arthritis medication).

For bookings, please contact us at (02) 9874 3452 or at westrydevet@gmail.com.